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Smartop Heart Rate Wristwatch – Black

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Sleep Mode

Phone Notifications

Phone Notifications

Set Workout Plan on App

Activity Mode

Heart Rate Mode


Product Description
The home page display is now vertical and not transverse as beforehand to optimise your viewing experience.

Date, time,

battery, &

bluetooth connection and calls icon are now vertically displayed.

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Smartop Heart Rate Wristwatch – Black

Smartop Heart Rate Wristwatch – Black

The Vertical Display;
The home page display is now vertical and not transverse as beforehand to optimise your viewing experience.
Date, time, battery, & bluetooth connection and calls icon are now vertically displayed.

Multi-Sports Recording:
With 23 sport mode that include; Tennis, Running, Cycling, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and others. Set your Goals and acheive them with 100% PRECISION TRACKING & with motion trail sharing (used only with phone GPS.)

Advance Sleep Monitoring:
After play and its time to rest, i5 plus enters Sleep mode Automatically. Silent Vibration ensures no one but you wake up. Keeping track of Sleep Pattern (deep or light) for your observation and action.

Now you can hang-up calls when you are through or reject calls by just sliding your finger across the screen.

Smart Intelligent Bluetooth Activity Fitness Tracker Wristband with TouchScreen & Gesture control.

Unique Wearable devices, Sportwatch & smart bracelet with touchscreen and gesture control is perfectly compatible with IOS and Android.
The only wearable devices with thelongest battery life than any other wearable devices. It can last as long as 60days, (standby.)

the bracelet sync data automatically after connected with the phone by APP (ZERONER HEALTH), form google play store or iOS app store, the bracelet time will be calibrated same as the time of phone.
SYNC data includes; Steps (pedometer), Calorie burnt, Distance covered, Sleep duration and now 23 different sports tracking! Check if data sync is completely successful on the app.

you can set other function as;
sedentary (move alert), sleep monitor (light or deep sleep).

-safe wearable devices that is waterproof
-long standby wearable that can last as long as 60days, twice of Xiaomi Mi band and Quad times of Fitbit flex
-highly efficient wearable devices that can count step and movement track as accurate as 98% above
-smart wearable devices that can detect coming call (caller ID), SMS and monitor sleep all the time.
-compatible wearable devices that has integrated special computing technology in the firmware.
-promising wearable devices that can be updated with more functions.

please ensure you charge the device for at least 30min before first use.

Gadget has sensors for:
  • How many calories burnt
  • Distance covered
  • Speed
  • Heart rate Monitor
  • Touch Screen
  • Sleep Monitor

Technology Used

  • S – Smart
  • P – Personal
  • O – Object
  • T – Technology

App Operations

  • Download the application
  • Start using the mobile app with your Smartop Heart rate monitor
  • Go to “Personal Settings” to search & select your Smartop Heart rate monitor in the searching list by clicking “About Device”
  • Enter Your Personal Information, once connected, select your personal information and save settings
  • Set Notifications – Press “Notification to set Activity Alarm, Wakeup Alarm & Call Notification
  • Set the Workout Plan to keep health
  • Press the HR Setting” to set your different Rate Zone
  • Go back to homepage then you’re ready to go

1. Bluetooth 4.0 low-power smart bracelet
2. The dual-mode control: touch control and palming at the time the two control
3. Unique design USB charging, PC host, food-grade TPU wristband
4. Waterproof grade: IP68
5. Display: 0.91 ‘OLED
6. Caller ID / names displayed, the message content is displayed: SMS / QQ / micro-letter
7. Self artifact, find phone
8. pedometer: steps, distance, calories records and real-time display.
9. Time display, silent vibration alarm.
10.APP support, Android & iOS
11.3D Senser
12. The lithium-ion battery: 75mAH, working time: 5 to 7 days
13.USB charging full 45 minutes to electricity (please use 5V, 1A regular charger)
14. Dimensions: 46 * 18.7 * 7.9mm (host size)
15. Weight: 25g

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